Thalassaemia Society Singapore | About Us
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About Us

Welcome to Thalassaemia Society (Singapore)

Thalassaemia Society (Singapore) was formed by a group of parents and volunteers to meet the following objectives:

a. create public awareness and disseminate relevant and the latest medical information relating to Thalassaemia.

b. provide community support and social interaction among Thalassaemia patients and their families.

c. provide financial aid to needy families and referral of social and welfare services.

Thalassaemia Society (Singapore) was officially registered with the Registry Of Societies in December 2003

and is registered as a Charity with the Commissioner Of Charities.

Our Charity Registration Number is 01762.


derrick lim

Derrick Lim

Kymn Yee

Kymn Yee



Providing support – by Thals for Thals


This year, World Thalassaemia Day falls on 8 May, Wednesday.

A blood donation drive will be held at KK Hospital, together with co-organiser (National Thalassaemia Registry at KKH and Red Cross Singapore).


Members in the organisation who are eligible receive various support such as emotional support, medical and/or financial aid.

Annual General Meeting

AGM for 2024 will be held on 13 April 2024. Members are encouraged to attend and more details are provided from the organisation.

A yearly AGM is held at the first quarter, where members of the organisation are gathered for a luncheon to receive updates.

Be a Volunteer. Talk to us today!